About us

What does anyone look for in a gardener?

  • First reliability. That means they turn up on time, every time. We do. We plan each day ahead and make sure our staff know where they should be and when. Barring inclement weather, we will be there when we said we would.
  • Then honesty. Can you trust them in and around your property? We are a family business, we live locally, our reputation is our most important asset. We are totally trustworthy.
  • The price.  We give excellent results for a fair price. We don't quote one price and then charge another.
  • Finally, a good job. Are the results what you expected? Our customers tell us our work is often better than expected and not only that, it's consistently up to standard, week in week out.

We want your repeat business. We strive for excellence in the things that matter most to you

    *  Reliability  *  Trust  *  Price  *  Results  * 

We're not just any old gardening service, here today, gone tomorrow

This is our promise to you

You will  see the difference..........and be delighted!

PS "Often imitated, never duplicated"

How true! Such is our reputation, we are often imitated by other gardeners. We've even had customers switch after being offered what appeared to be a better deal only to find their hedge or lawn ruined and then return to us. If you are approached by anyone claiming to be us or to work for us or related to us or even using a similar name to us, steer clear!

There is only one Mr Mow's Gardening Services that promises reliability, trustworthiness, fair prices and excellent results. Accept no substitutes!